The EDGE SWAT TEAM is a multi-jurisdictional tactical response team comprised of members from six (6) city Police Departments which include Euclid, South Euclid, University Heights, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and Beachwood.  Currently, the EDGE SWAT TEAM consists of 35 SWAT Operators, 14 Crisis Negotiators and 9 SWAT medics.  The EDGE SWAT TEAM is led by Team Commander Lieutenant Rick Friedl from the South Euclid Police Department and Assistant Team Commander Captain Mike Janson of the Euclid Police Department.  During 2018, the EDGE SWAT TEAM put on three new snipers and three new Crisis Negotiators.  The three snipers went to an extensive two week long basic and advanced sniper tactics school.  Our negotiators also attended both basic and advanced hostage negotiator schools.  In 2018, the EDGE SWAT TEAM recorded 76 tactical deployments, several of which were tactically challenging.

On August 10, 2018 at approximately 7:30pm, EDGE SWAT, along with several members of WEB SWAT (Western Enforcement Bureau) and their armored Bearcat executed a homicide search warrant at a residence in South Euclid, which was related to a homicide that occurred days earlier in the city of Beachwood.  As officers began to breach the front door with WEB SWAT’s armored vehicle’s extended breach boom, the team came under fire from a high-powered rifle.  Several rounds struck the armored Bearcat’s front windshield, but no rounds penetrated the armored glass.  After a nearly twelve hour stand-off and a near tactical destruction of the entire house, an aerial drone was flown into the home and located two deceased individuals in the second floor attic bedroom.  With the help of WEB SWAT and the Ohio State Highway Patrol Special Response Team, no officers or innocent civilians were injured during this intense stand-off.

The majority of the team’s deployments are narcotics search warrants and high risk arrest warrants.  It is these drug dealers and violent felons that plague our communities.  It is the dedication and hard work from each and every team member that makes our communities safer and stronger.